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Pre-kindergarten is the first classroom-based learning environment that a child attends in the Smart kinder Childcare. Children will experience leaving home and family during the day Pre-kindergarten is a time when children making connection between the they know and what they are learning.

Pre-kindergarten provide Cognitive Development, Creative Expression, and Executive Function and we provide opportunities for your child to practice social and emotional skills.

Preschool is a crucial part of the education of every child. It is that period of childhood; Preschool has a huge part to play in the growth and the development of the child.

Long day care centre in Sydenham

The Smart Kinder Childcare will work with parents to establish and to adhere each child's schedule to ensure continuity and smooth transition from the home to school. At this level, comfort and trust are the most basic needs of the infants, and are readily provided by the experienced staff.

In the play area, teachers sing songs, read stories, and play games designed to encourage recognition of shapes and the colors, and to acquire progressive communication and motor skills.

Finally, Smart Kinder Childcare is a Best day care in Sydenham it provides your child with the perfect foundation for a bright and glowing future.

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